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What’s the Eventizer Purpose and Plan?

Eventizer is a cross-platform solution that manages your events digitally and an overarching plan that guides the whole process of your digital event’s development and aims to be the first national and global digital event organizer around the world. 

It addresses factors with automatic events and congresses management along with real-time technologies that make your team and attendees engaged and up to date.

Eventizer helps you have macro and micro visibility for your whole manifestation: starting from registration, event day, and pre-event, along with practical, efficient, and digital logistics management.

Product Strategy Framework of Eventizer?

Product Strategy Framework of Eventizer?

Eventizer strategy framework is typically composed of three core components: market vision, product goals, and product initiatives.

  •          Market Vision : 

Eventizer, which was launched in 2017, aims to be the leader for organizing large-scale events and congresses. With more than 50 successfully realized conferences so far ( May 2020 ) and more than 10000 participants, Eventizer proves that it’s the best solution to manage your conferences and follow its evolution in real-time for any kind of event.

There wasn’t much emphasis on appealing to the common consumer, in fact, Eventizer market vision revolved around targeting the events organizer, whether medical or educational or any other type of event, even for small club events and associations in universities.

  •          Product Goals :

Eventizer products are divided into 4 categories, each one has its specific goal : 

  •  A web platform will allow you to be organized, automated and intelligent, ensuring an excellent paperless experience for participants and considered as the perfect solution for the frequent issues of logistics and events organization as well as the payment management.
  •  A mobile application for both of the event managers and participants. The main goal for this application is to facilitate the process of Check-In and Check-Out as well as planning and managing workshops and offering a space for interactivity through a system of Quiz.
  •  Eventizer Abstract which is designed for scientific uses. This template allows you to receive abstracts and papers submitted by participants directly and simply. It also allows you to designate graders for any evaluation.
  •  Eventizer videoconferencing, which is a web platform that allows you to manage events and meetings of large numbers of participants in complete safety and fluidity.

Eventizer set a series of measurable, time-oriented goals for each of these products, specifically when it came to introducing new products for any potential customer. In the first of its launch,  Eventizer estimated to organize 10 conferences in its first year, a target it hit with relative ease since the huge existing number of digital organized events. However, those early sales proved to be leading, and Eventizer had the opportunity to empower its existing products and develop new ones since the needs of customers vary from one customer perspective to another.

Eventizer set specific goals about its preferred sales figures to ultimately gauge the success of its product strategy.

  •           Product Initiatives :

Eventizer started with releasing the Abstract. It was easily operable with an accessible graphical user interface and with a specific small target of medical professors who organize medical conferences, that allowed Eventizer to value more the strength and the weaknesses of their first product, in order to empower it in the upcoming conferences.

The Eventizer Abstract was designed, positioned, and marketed as a product that would shape the future of medical event organization. The purpose of it was to make the concept more accessible for any other medical event organizer in the first step, and for any other kind of event in the second place.  That was Eventizer’s product initiative — to socialize the digitalization of medical events.  And for what it’s worth, Eventizer nailed it.